A License to Carry–Puppies?

Honey in her Crate

A Little Puppy Cheesecake

Honey is a superstar. People all over downtown know her by name and go out of their way to see her. Yes, she’s adorable. And sweet. And loves everyone!

So why do I feel like I’m always focusing on the negative? I always tell people how much puppies bite. That you don’t get much sleep at first. That jumping is only cute when your puppy weighs less than 20 pounds.

I guess it’s because I see how easily people get seduced by a cute, fuzzy face. They bring the cute puppy home. Cute puppy becomes an ill-mannered adolescent. Adolescent dog is turned into local shelter or seen on Craigslist looking for a new home.

I’m getting sad just thinking about it now.

The other day in the park, one of Honey’s fans told me she wished she had gotten a purebred dog. She adopted 2 puppies from the local shelter and they were poorly behaved and over energetic–not sweet like Honey.

I asked if she had ever taken her pups to a training class and she said, No, she didn’t have time. I left her with the thought that training tires a dog out and makes her easier to live with. I hope she’ll find some time to invest in her pups.

Would fewer dogs end up in shelters if we needed a puppy license? Perhaps we could get learner’s permits first. We could get puppy practice by walking dogs at the local shelter.

I don’t just want to talk people out of getting puppies, though. I’d love to see more people get the excitement that comes from teaching a dog something new. The thrill of seeing something interesting on a walk that you’d miss if not for a powerful nose on the lookout for cool stuff.

After all, a puppy is much more than just a pretty face!

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