A Beautiful View?

When someone named this street, do you think they were talking about the lovely waterfront site?

Or were they just waiting for Honey to come along?

Honey the golden retriever makes a beautiful view.

I sure hope they didn’t name this street for me. I can’t stay here forever. I got stuffies to chew and balls to chase.

It’s a lovely site, Honey. But you make it look even better.

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  1. Well, hopefully they didn’t name it for the insane asylum 😉 Sorry, couldn’t resist! I’ve watched one too many horror movies in my time and the bad guy always comes from the Bellevue Insane Asylum!

    • Poor Bellevue. It’s the oldest hospital in NY and has an excellent reputation. But thanks to horror movies and 1970s sitcoms, people only know it for the psych ward.

      On the other hand, we’ve heard from many people that we’re crazy.:)

    • BTW, your blog doesn’t seem to be accepting my comments. I suspect it’s google gremlins but thought I’d mention it in case someone else has an issue.

  2. She is the perfect view.

  3. Definitely a lovely site with the Honey there. Cute. :)

  4. Beautiful place for a walk.

  5. Bellevue is where they took the psycho killer at the end of the horror movie. More evidence of my misspent youth in movie houses.

    • Yeah, I bet the poor people who work at Bellevue hate those movies. They probably wonder what they ever did to deserve their infamy.

      After all, it’s a really reputable hospital and the oldest in NY.

  6. Bellevue is the name of the mental institution in NYC, so my memories of that word doesn’t bring a smile necessarily, but any corner where Honey hangs out – has got to be good!

    • Actually Bellevue is a full-service hospital. I can just imagine people going in for prostate surgery or to have a mole removed and having everyone thinking they’re being admitted to a psych ward.

      In that sense, Honey is doing her best to improve Bellevue’s reputation.

  7. Adorable picture. Love the waterfront view.

  8. Definitely waiting for Honey to happen by.

  9. You’re right! It IS a pretty site but Honey definitely makes it even better!!

  10. BTW Everyone … Bellevue is also where Kris Kringle was nearly committed in “Miracle on 34th Street”. Now that’s a good movie memory! :-)

  11. In my neck of the woods, Bellevue is a great city just outside of Seattle. Lovely picture, even moreso with Honey in it. :)

  12. Oui! Le petite chien – c’est beau! (That’s about the extent of my French, thanks to my francophone hubs.)

  13. How perfect. I love photo ops such as this.

  14. A little makes everything better!