9 Reasons Blogging is Bad for Dogs

Honey the Golden Retriever poses at Ithaca Falls for Something Wagging This Way Comes.

Now isn’t this more fun than blogging?

Blogging can help you make new friends. Improve your writing. Strengthen your tech skills.

But is it good for your dog?

Honey, my Golden Retriever, thinks not. And here’s why:

Honey Barks Against Blogging

Every minute spent blogging is not spent walking, playing tug, or making sweet potato treats.

How do you ever expect me to get comfortable on the couch when your butt has worn a rut into the cushions?

No one could be cuter than Honey the Golden Retriever, right? But when you look at hundreds of dog pictures each day, there’s always that risk that you’ll fall in love with another pup.

A dog is always a better lap warmer than a computer.

Can’t we just have fun without you sticking that flashing silver box in my face all the time?

I don’t think a three-year old dog should hear that kind of language. You know, the things you say when the blogs break.

Why do you have dog noises coming out of your computer? Where are they and why can’t I smell them?

If someone on the internet told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? No? Then why do you listen to them when they tell you how to cut my nails or give me a bath?

Do you know how many tug toys we could buy for what it costs to host a blog for a year? Well I don’t either. But I bet it’s a lot.

Wait, you mean I got those neat treats and toys from Pawalla because you write about me in a blog?

Um, never mind.

Celebrating Blogville

Lots of community happenings in blogville. Here are a few on our schedule:

  • Tomorrow is the last day of the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange, a chance for bloggers to share encouragement, affection, and links. You can see all the nice posts in the linky list.
  • Thursday, January 10 is the third Annual Pet Blogger Challenge. Stop by to get the questions you’ll answer on your blog and post on Thursday.
  • On Thursday, January 10, I’ll also be posting my list of best websites for people who like to travel with their pets at A Traveler’s Library. Stop by to see if your favorites made my list.
  • And January is the Train Your Dog Month Challenge. Plan any fun activity with your pet and join the link at the end of the month to share how it went. No pressure. It’s all about building the bond.

Train Your Dog Challenge Badge.

Grab my badge!


What does your dog think of your blog? Does he like being a “celebrity?” Or would he rather you just stopped?

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  1. I read your list to my dog…and he agrees with Honey 100%. We should be playing or taking a walk or…hey wait a minute, my dog just fell asleep on the floor. Guess I can blog a little longer….Happy Saturday!

  2. My dogs don’t seem to mind just hanging out on the couch in my office when I am on the computer. Kobi always lays at my feet. Also, if I am at home blogging, they can convince me that it is good for my health to get up and down repeatedly….going to the door to throw their ball!

  3. Yikes! THURSDAY is the Pet Blogging Challenge? Oh I am so behind and we’re not even a full 5 days into the New Year…. :(

    Thanks for the reminders though!

    Bella agrees with Honey, too, though. She often lets me know that I shouldn’t be staring at the computer, I should be staring at her. I have to figure out how to manage my time and do everything I want to do both on the computer and “IRL” with her.

    I’m not sure we’re going to join your training challenge this year. I’d love to but since I just spent the last two paragraphs complaining about lack of time, I worry I’d be making another commitment I can’t keep (until April) like I did last year. I hope to though. It’s a great idea.

    Happy Saturday to you!

  4. Well, Roxy thinks everyone, everywhere, is there to see her anyway. But, if I’m sitting in the chair and doing bloggie things, there is no room for Torrey. Roxy can sit beside me. So, Torrey might not like the blog idea so well. They both are pretty savvy about getting their pictures taken though.

  5. Ooh yay, the Pet Blogging challenge! I almost forgot about it. See you Thursday 😉

    (I think Elka largely agrees with Honey ^^)

  6. And don’t forget Blog the Change Day on January 15th – busy month in Blogville!

  7. My dogs certainly agree, especially with this one: “Can’t we just have fun without you sticking that flashing silver box in my face all the time?”

    Although Toby doesn’t mind it so much, Leah and Meadow HATE when I get out the old camera. :-)

  8. My dogs have no problem telling me when I am done working on the computer. A slobbery chin on my pants is all I need to get off and give some belly rubs, take a walk and enjoy the dog love! Now I do believe they have issues with the camera in in their face all the time, Sherman especially!

  9. Among Bogie’s self-assigned duties is to bug me when I’ve been sitting at the computer too long, so I will get up and move around. (That’s a good thing.) Besides, when I’m sitting at the computer, my lap is not suitable for lounging upon.

  10. I, BJ, agree with HOney. After all we are family and should be paid attention to.
    I get back at Mom when she’s blogging for too long. LIKE NOW!!!!. I pester her and go over to the screen and push it back with my nose. Two things: 1. She can’t type because I keep moving the laptop. 2. I get nose prints all over the screen and it gets wet. That annoys her and she has to pay attention to me. (I’m doing it now, so she has to sign off.)

  11. I know Gizmo agrees with Honey on the way I prioritize my time…In keeping with the Train Your Dog Challenge I’ve been incorporating 5 minute grooming breaks ever hour or so I spend on the computer…I’ll brush him for a few minutes or maybe just clip a toenail or two…It’s giving him the attention he loves, while desensitizing him to the grooming process

  12. I TOTALLY agree with Honey!! I hate it when mummy is using her laptop rather than paying attention to me

  13. I do like all the stuff I get thanks to Jen’s blogging…. but I still would prefer she spent that time with me. *sigh*

  14. Hahahaha! Silas *prefers* my cushion rut, and I mostly blog while he naps. In fact, I think he likes me to be on the computer (and next to him on the sofa) more than to be up and around, doing those not-playing things like washing the dishes.

  15. On one hand, Koly HATES when I sit with the computer in my lap too long, but he really does benefit from this. After all, out of blogging came things like K9 Kamp, Treat and Toy reviews, the 30/30 Challenge, Nose work and so much more. Even if he hates the computer time, I think he loves the fringe benefits. Plus, I sit still and he snuggles right up into me while I work. It’s a win/win.

  16. Luna and Penny keep pressuring me into stardom. I have no choice what so ever in the matter :)

  17. I’ve learned to type one handed! takes longer to type but once he goes to sleep I can get back to a more serious form of typing!

  18. Yeah, Izzy tries to push my iPad off my lap so he can sit there….this just started after a month of blogging!

  19. I think my greedy gut boys would even give up the treats to review (and they love reviewing treats) in exchange for more active time with them. They’re with Honey!

  20. Honey could actually be onto something. It was because of a blogger that I fell in love with Scottish Terriers and got a puppy from her. However, despite that, Goldens will always, always have a big place in my heart no matter where blogging takes me! :-)

    I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  21. I saw this on Yahoo yesterday. Cute perspective from a dog’s point of view!

  22. Sue @ The Golden Life says:

    Callie & Shadow would DEFINITELY agree with Honey! They would tell you I already don’t pay them enough attention as it is when I’m NOT blogging. And, I have to admit they are probably right…because I have to keep the house clean, wash clothes, sheets, towels, play chauffeur for their little sister (to get her to and from doggie daycare), and all the other wonderful chores a mom gets stuck with when she doesn’t have a full-time, away-from-the-house, job. I guess I better take the “Train Your Dog Month” challenge and live up to the goals, huh?

  23. I think my dogs could care less. LOL They’re all about the walks, the food and the snuggles. Great post!!

  24. Cali is certain that the computer is a complete waste of time (little does she know that it helps to pay for her delicious kibble!).

  25. LOL! It’s funny how Honey’s opinion changes when she realizes that the new treats and toys are the direct result of the blogging. I’m pretty sure Buster and Ty feel the same way. =)

  26. Tavish has worked it out so that he snuggles in my blanket with me while I’m blogging. I think it helps him deal with it all. Usually, his nose is shoved under the blanket and he’s snoring away while I type. Bella’s an independent (and lazy) soul, so as long as I’m nearby, she’s pretty content. :)

  27. Ha! Desmond just wants to rest his head on the keyboard, and then he’s good. But he’s thinking like Honey–all these boxes coming through the door are filled with doggie goodies, thanks to the blog. It’s gotten to the point that Desmond thinks every single package is for him. :-)