7+ Tips For Sharing Your Bed With A Dog

Instead of folding up Honey’s crate and moving it to the attic every morning before prospective buyers come to look at the house, we’ve decided to let her sleep on the bed.

Yeah, that’s why I’m yawning.

But I do have some great tips for sharing your bed with a dog.

Honey the golden retriever uses her voice.

Ahhh, the good old days. No one complained when I slept in my canine condo.

Tips For Sharing Your Bed With Your Dog

Trim their toenails. As surely as Lassie was a collie, at least one paw will end up in your nostril by the end of the night. Might as well keep it from piercing your nose.

Place treats in your bedside table. When your dog inevitably takes your spot (always with her butt on your pillow), a quick toss of a biscuit is the fastest way to reposition her.

Golden Retriever on the bed.

Ahhhhh, finally a chance to spread out without peasants getting in my way. After all, it is a Queen bed, isn’t it?

Use dog colored sheets. We see every golden hair on my beautiful burgundy sheets. But the beige animal print flannel jobbies can collect a ton of dog hair before anyone else sees it.

Don’t wear lip balm to bed. At least not if you don’t want to have a mouth full of fur.

Put oversized blankets on your bed. Once your dog lies down, neither you or your partner will have enough leftover blankets to cover yourselves. At least not unless you use a queen comforter on your double bed. Or a king comforter on your queen. If your bed is bigger than that, you’d better get used to shivering.

Lower your blinds before the dog jumps on the bed. It’s amazing what a great view the dog gets of every squirrel, bird, or dog walking by from standing on your bed and looking out the window.

Learn to live on less sleep. Or maybe you can grab a short nap in the ladies room when you get to work.

Of course Honey and my husband don’t know what I’m complaining about. They’re sleeping perfectly well.

Honey the golden retriever sleeps on the bed.

Doesn’t look like either of them misses me, does it?

So maybe there’s one last tip I should take myself:

If your husband and your dog are happy sleeping together on the bed, it’s time to start sleeping on the couch.

Your Turn: Does your dog share your bed? Any more tips you can share?


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  1. “If your husband and your dog are happy sleeping together on the bed, it’s time to start sleeping on the couch.” Bwahaha! I started sleeping in the extra bedroom long ago because hubby’s snoring was constantly either waking me up or keeping me awake at night — and making me extremely cranky — and my two Golden Girls felt the same way.

  2. Treats beside the bed are an absolute must! Barley knows she never gets to sleep in my spot at night, yet every night she curls up on my pillow and I have to bribe her to get onto her side. I also keep a small quilt folded up underneath my pillow so that I can always get a layer of covers when Barley is hogging the rest of them :)

  3. Bailie sleeps in bed with mom, and she loves it. Bailie usually sleeps under the covers part of the night, snuggled up next to mom, but she does also position her butt by mom’s face a lot and often kicks her in the face too!

  4. These are definitely great tips! Long nails can be no fun! Last night Luna decided to sleep on my pillow in the middle of the night… where my head was.

  5. Judith Gouveia says:

    You neglected to mention cutting down on liquids before bedtime. Heaven forbid I have to get up during the night. Getting back into the bed usually requires moving at least one dog. Thankfully it’s usually the Chihuahua!

  6. Those are all great tips, some I never thought of! We have a king size bed (you have to with three dogs) and trying to find covers that leave extra is very difficult!
    Training your dog to roll over can be a great help too. I sometimes have to help them along a bit, but if I get them started they’ll usually do it.

  7. The lip balm one is something I would have never thought about. I put some on my lips every night before going to bed. I can just feel the dog hair on my mouth.

  8. All very true. Mummy nodded as she read all of those!

  9. All of these are great tips. I would add this one: make sure you get in the bed first. If Harley gets in there before I do, I’m doomed from the start.

  10. They say I’m far too big to be allowed to sleep on the bed – there wouldn’t be any bed left for them. I say they should get a bigger bed.

  11. Oh lord. I sleep against the wall with one dog at the bottom of the bed and one next to me on the outside. If I have to get up during the night to use the bathroom I have to climb over one of them, so I usually try and hold it, because moving can mean the difference of getting back to sleep or contortioning yourself into a pretzel so as not to disturb the dogs.

  12. Your bed is much too small for all three of you! I would definitely opt for the couch! Actually I have the exact same scenario as Callie, Shadow and Ducky’s mom. The snoring got so bad I just couldn’t take it anymore! I sleep across the hall in the guest room and some nights I still have to close the door to not hear it! Cardigans aren’t small dogs and two of them take up a lot of real estate. I feel like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle trying to fit myself around them. Heaven forbid I should ask them to move!

  13. So how’s the house-selling going?

  14. Haha! I absolutely cannot let my dog sleep in the bed. He is so gross with all his crusty drool and constant shedding. He also shakes his head and ears around every 20 minutes, and he snores. And he is one of those dogs that shifts around all the time, and he’s a klutz about it. If he’s on the bed, he whacks us with his clunky head or his big paws. About once a week I do let him sleep in our bedroom and he wakes me up several times. I love having him in the room with us, it’s just that we don’t get any sleep!

    That being said … I don’t mind having a dog in the bed if they are quiet and if they don’t move around a lot. I used to do a lot of pet sitting in our home, and I had several of those dogs sleep on the bed. They were quiet, and I slept just fine.