7 Silly Reasons Your Dog Needs a Coat – A #Kurgo Giveaway

Usually my dog goes naked.

But I can see a few silly reasons Honey might wear a coat. And one serious one.

Honey the golden retriever runs naked.

I like to run naked and feel the wind in my fur.

7 Silly Reasons Your Dog Needs A Coat

  • Dogs already rock brown, grey, black, tan, white, and all the other color coats they’re born wearing. They deserve to show off their fashion chops in blue, green, and red as well.
  • Am I the only one who cuddles my dog in the winter because of their warmth? I didn’t think so. A coat is one way to keep them from sucking all our warmth away in a post-walk cuddle.
  • That light reflecting stripe on your dog’s coat will help you know when it’s time to get a baggie out on a dark walk.
  • If you think your dog gets a lot of attention from strangers for being so cute, just try walking around with her wearing a coat.
  • Every inch of fur that doesn’t get rained on during a walk is another inch that doesn’t smell like wet dog when you get home.
  • A nice splashy coat will help you find your pup easily at the dog park when he’s surrounded by a dozen other black labs, golden retrievers, or other common breed.
  • Accepting paid ads from local businesses to place on your dog’s coat might just pay for that kibble you’ve been buying for years.

And there’s one serious reason your dog needs a coat.

  • Because better clothing means more adventures.

Dressing Your Dog For Adventure

Do you avoid walks because it’s not safe to walk after dark? Get your dog a coat with a light.

Is your dog sensitive to the cold? She needs a coat to make outdoor play time more comfortable.

We never take Honey out on the boat without putting on her Kurgo Surf and Turf Life Jacket.

Honey the golden retriever on the sailboat in her life jacket.

Of course I’m glad I live on a boat. Don’t you see how gorgeous I look in my red life jacket?

If the worst happened and she fell overboard, the flotation in the coat would keep her head above water. The bright color and light reflective stripes give us a way to keep track of her in waves. And the handle gives us an easy way to pluck her back on board.

Honey the golden retriever sun bathes at the dock.

Back at the dock, anything goes. I love sun bathing in the nude.

Are you convinced? Does your dog need a coat?

Then this is your lucky week.

Win a Kurgo Jacket Or Coat

We’re joining a bunch of awesome blogs in another group Kurgo giveaway!

Kurgo Dog Jacket giveaway

Kurgo has a variety of both dog coats and lighter dog jackets to make sure that your fun continues right into the winter months, whether your region’s winter weather means ice and snow or just chilly winds.

The winner will receive the style, color and size of their choice! You’ll be able to select from options including the stylish Loft Jacket, a reversible jacket that’s also waterproof…Web_Loftcoat_colors__98258.1434985718.1280.1280

…the North Country dog coat which even comes with its own LED light, perfect for those short winter days…


…and lighter jackets like the Allagash Dog Jacket, waterproof, washable, and made without PVC….


and even the Surf and Turf Life Jacket with removable flotation so you can also use it as a rain jacket.

The winner will get to select their favorite choice…and will be all set for a season of cold weather adventure!

How to Enter

You’ll enter in the widget below. One winner will be selected at random; Kurgo will ship the prize directly to the winner. This giveaway is open to readers in the USA and Canada. Good luck!

Disclosure: This giveaway prize is sponsored by Kurgo; the company will ship the prize directly to the winner. All opinions and statements are entirely my own.

Sample Disclosure:
Disclosure: This giveaway prize is sponsored by Kurgo; the company will ship the prize directly to the winner. Like always, all opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. mitzi frank says:

    I would love to have a new coat for winter for my girl – she needs one that fits her well – she wears a coat most of the time when it is cold or windy!

  2. We’ve been talking about getting the dogs coats, I don’t know why I keep putting it off, but I do. I really need to do this. The crappy weather is coming and I really want to do my best to keep them as warm and dry as possible.

  3. (I entered as “Amie”) My dog has never worn a coat! She is a Siberian Husky/Border Collie mix, so she already has a thick coat. I’m going to try to win this for a friend, who has a King Charles Spaniel who could really use this this winter!

  4. No coats here. Bailie had one the year she was a puppy, but we all are just fine with our “fur coats” in any temps Minnesota throws at us. Now a life jacket is something we would wear, if we were on a boat.

  5. Sheltie just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism who has already lost hair on belly and back. She now wears a hoodie when outdoors on chilly days but will soon need a coat that will protect her from the freezing temperatures and snow. Was looking at a Kurgo coat for her.

  6. I will usually put a coat on Blueberry when it is less than 50 degrees in the morning otherwise she shivers. Though by the end of the hike, I can remove it so she can hike naked again – which is her preference.

    Those are really nice jackets! Although, I think Blueberry would be mortified if she knew I entered this contest… 😉

  7. Our goldens don’t wear coats often in the winter, only if it’s nasty out on our walks!

  8. Sandy Weinstein says:

    the oldest wears a jacket or sweatshirt most of the time even indoors, and a heavier one when she goes out, my girls are short haired. the 2 younger ones also wear jackets, they have lots of jackets, light weight, raincoats and heavy coats, boots. however, they do not like going out in nasty weather, cold is fine but not raining.

  9. We always use coats! I have fleece lined water resistant ones for Dante and Ziva, and a puffy down jacket for Ziva. :-)

  10. dawn rasor says:

    Currently my dog does not wear a coat in the winter but he’s a senior and our Michigan winters are tough on him so I’d love to win one for him.

  11. I think coats can be beneficial to most dogs! I know that some people who have dogs with thicker coats don’t think their dogs need them but I’ve seen dogs get skin infections from getting wet in the rain and not being able to dry themselves because their coat is so thick. Their skin stays moist and bacteria attacks. One of my friends had that happen and her dog got it so bad they had to shave her to allow her skin to heal. It was so sad. So I say raincoats for everyone! The girls wear coats all winter long. They don’t like being cold. 😀

  12. Luke is the only one that regularly wears a coat. His fur is very thin underneath. The girls only do once in a while, just because they look so cute! We did put a sweater on Sheba last year though after her surgery and before her fur was all grown back in. I was surprised she didn’t seem to mind. I’d like to have them for inclement weather for the girls, so I have one less excuse not to get out there in rain and snow. :)

  13. Our boy wears a winter coat when he plays in the snow to prevent snowballs on his belly or when we’re out for extended periods in bitter cold. When we run in the rain, he wears a rain jacket. Whenever we run in the dark, he wears a reflective vest.

  14. Mary, Simon & Kima says:

    Simon has a Thunder Vest as he’s a nervous type. He’s never worn anything heavier, as he has a thick, curly coat. Kima is a long haired German Shepherd. She’s got an interesting coat – lots of long, beautiful hair, but it’s not thick. So I am looking for a coat for her. My sister has a beautiful hounds-tooth (no pun intended) coat for her Golden. Makes her look like a canine Sherlock.

  15. Shadow and Ducky both have raincoats (which they HATE wearing); and Ducky has a winter coat for those really cold, damp days during the winter to keep her warmer so she can stay outside longer. :-)

  16. Jenn Grenier says:

    My short-haired rescue dogs from down south need some extra warmth to get thru New England winters :)

  17. What a pawsome giveaway!! Our pups have rain jackets that also keep them warm – they both need it because they don’t have an insulating undercoat, and we walk every single day, rain or shine! We’d love to get our paws on a new doggie jacket!

  18. Last winter we had a very mild winter, and Baby didn’t have to wear a coat but once. Which was lucky, because our coat is a hand-me-down from a friend’s Great Dane puppy, and seeing as how Baby is a muscly Boxer/Hound mix…

    The fit leaves something to be desired. xDD

    This year is already looking to be colder than last, and a coat that fits properly would be a great help.

  19. We are big into coats – especially in the rain. Don’t like getting wet and having to dry off later. Sunbathing in the nude on a boat looks relaxing – go Honey!

  20. Shelley P says:

    I put coats on the dogs for all their walks in the winter. They have short hair and get cold quickly.

  21. Emily Endrizzi says:

    We have two small dogs. They both wear coats for most walks once it hits winter.