7 Links Challenge on Something Wagging This Way Comes

Amy Burkert of GoPetFriendly.com has challenged me to name my best posts by passing on the 7 Links Challenge started by Tripbase Blog. I’m honored to be chosen by such a terrific blogger. Amy has an interesting life, a useful business, and writes better than any former accountant I’ve ever met. So thank you, Amy.

Never one to shy away from navel-gazing (hmmm, how did all that lint get in there?), I share my 7 Links:

1. Most Beautiful Post: What An Artist Can Teach Us About Saying Goodbye to a Loved Pet.

Storm King. Andy Goldsworthy. by Julie Manzerova at flickr.com

Photo by Julie Manzerova

I don’t think my writing made this post beautiful. In fact, I find it a little stilted.

But the beauty of Andy Goldsworthy’s work moves me deeply. It elevates everything associated with it.

2. Most Popular Post: What Does Your Dog Call You?

Honey the Golden Retriever in snow

So just because you link back to this picture you want me to write another caption? Forget it. I'm a busy dog.

Here’s where we tackled the whole, “Do you call yourself a dog mommy or daddy?” controversy. Obviously I’m not the only person who has thought about this.

The comments were the best part of the post and reminded me how much I seeing Georgia Little Pea around the Blogiverse.

3. Most Controversial Post: Some Dogs I Don’t Like That Much…

This was a tough choice.

I thought my post on eating meat, Why Do We Call Some Animals Pets and Some Animals Dinner? A Flexitarian Considers Meat would get some rabid responses. But I was thrilled by the thoughtful and tolerant views expressed in the comments.

And I certainly planned on stirring up some controversy when I wrote, Sometimes Cesar is Right.

But I was a little astounded to find that my most controversial post was one where I hinted that some breeds of dogs might be less worthy than others.

4. Most Helpful Post: 10 Tips for Keeping Your Home Owner’s Insurance (& Your “Dangerous Dog”)

I’ve written about home owner’s insurance companies refusing coverage to people whose dog’s breed is on a “dangerous dogs” list a few times. I even wrote about it on my other blog, Hands on Home Buyer.

All these posts get steady traffic. Which saddens me to think people are continually facing this problem. I hope my post can provide a few answers for people trying to keep their dog and their insurance.

Oliver, Goofy Guy by Steph Skardal on Flickr.com

Photo by Steph Skardal

5. Post Whose Success Surprised Me: What Does Your Dog Tell People About You?

Another post whose comments were even better than the post itself. Interesting chance for everyone to reflect on what messages we’re sending with the dogs we choose to love.

6. Post I Don’t Feel Got the Attention It Deserved: When Should Your Dog Go With You? When Should Your Dog Stay Home?

Honey the Golden Retriever in Kayak

I think I should always go along. Just don't pick any boring places to go.

Do you ever get that feeling of deja vu? Like you’ve written a post before?

It happens to me all the time over at Hands on Home Buyer. But I teach and counsel a few hundred first time home buyers every year and talk about the same topics over and over again. So it’s no wonder that I keep thinking I’ve already written an article on a topic when I haven’t.

I don’t usually have the feeling here at Something Wagging This Way Comes. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that I have written the same post twice with the exact same title! The newer version is here.

The second publication got more attention. But I still see this as an important topic (apparently, important enough to write about twice). I wonder if we’d find fewer dogs in cars on hot days if more people asked themselves this question.

7. Post I’m Proudest Of: Dog as a Mirror of Self

In the more than 20 years I’ve been responsible for my own dogs, I’ve evolved in my understanding. I was raised with the idea that dogs live outdoors and a chain keeps them from getting in people’s way.

When I adopted my own dogs, I found out they could live with me but I’d have to train them. Over time, I came to understand that having a dog is not about training her to do your bidding but in developing a relationship that works both ways. A good relationship understands that dogs have their own needs and desires and that they are more than fuzzy friends to do our bidding.

I’m proudest of this post because of what it says about how I live with dogs now.

Enough omphaloskepsis; passing the challenge on:

Greyhounds Can Sit – Funny, endearing, and the first place I learned about greyhounds and muzzles.

Dog Spelled Forward – Opinionated and useful posts by one of the (unfortunately) rare men in the positive dog training camp.

24 Paws of Love – A blog by someone who I believe pours her very best into loving her dogs.

Kol’s Notes – Great recipes and hilarious blog posts by a Puggle who can find humor in anything.

Love and a Six Foot Leash – Promoting the adoption of foster dogs, this blog is well-written and has great photos.

Challengees, you can find the rules for the challenge here. Can’t wait to see your choices.

This is a blog hop. Hop on…



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  1. Stopping by from the blog hop. Fun challenge! And great posts chosen.

  2. What a great line-up, Pamela! The “When Should Your Dog Go With You …” post was one of my favorites. Of course, now that we live in an RV, our dogs ALWAYS go with us. And, thank you for the kind words, the battle to overcome the my inner accountant is a constant one. :-)

    • Thank you for the challenge. It was an interesting trip down memory lane.

      And keep fighting the accountant so the artist and voyager gets her due. :)

      I’m fighting the workaholic so I can release my inner “slacker.”

  3. I was actually pondering my own version of “When to Leave Your Dog at Home” last night while hubby and I were out sans dogs. I am afraid it would turn into a bit of a rant, though, and I don’t want to offend people with my views.

    You sent me an e-mail about this post, but I think you might have my e-mail confused with Sue’s at Greyhounds CAN Sit. Which is totally okay! I’m happy to be mistaken for such a talented lady.

    I definitely agree on your most beautiful post, too! That one is one of my all time favorites of yours. Although, I didn’t see another of my favorites on the list. It was the ones about your dog embarrassing you! That was hilarious, and I’m still giggling about it and some of the comments!

    • Nope, I wasn’t confused. Read the email again. The link is to my other blog, Hands on Home Buyer, not Something Wagging. Yes, I did this 7 link thing 2x in 2 days.

      Roxanne of Champion of My Heart challenged me to find 7 Links for my first time home buyer’s blog. And Amy of Go Pet Friendly challenged me for Something Wagging.

      Thanks for the kind words about the “beautiful” post. Funny, the embarrassing dogs one didn’t make it to the front of my mind. Think I’m trying to block out the memory?

      Oh, and I’d love to read your rant on when dogs should go along. I think you have a faithful following that would forgive you an occasional rant. And I’m dying to read what you have to say.

  4. All great selections Pamela and I am ashamed to say that most of them I had not read before. I actually wanted to comment on each of them, but for some reason couldn’t so I will tell you here.
    Loved how you wove your neighbor’s recent lost of his dog to Andy Goldsworthy. I love his work too. There is just something beautiful about the impermanence of it. I think sometimes it’s all about being in the moment and just enjoying the beauty of that moment.

    I still think your post on “dangerous” dogs and homeowner’s insurance was a really good one BECAUSE it was so helpful. I also thought your most overlooked post was one worthy of sharing. I think too many people don’t think about this and that’s why so many dogs get left in hot cars. I actually left Daisy and Jasper at home today when I went to hang out with my mother and sister because I knew we would be shopping most of the day and I knew Daisy and Jasper would be less stressed at home.
    BTW – I am also uncomfortable with the term “owner”, but have never found a better word to use. I don’t see my dogs as my kids. I see them as dogs with independent minds and wants and needs, but I still find myself calling myself their mom. I think Georgia Little Pea is one of those folks who makes me laugh because her names for her and her husband are so unconventional, cleaver and humorous. Georgia is quite a funny dog herself!
    Glad I got the chance to catch up on some of your wonderful posts!

    • So many nice comments. Thanks, Mel.

      I hope your challenge raises Georgia Little Pea. It’s so long since I’ve heard from her. I miss her.

  5. Hmm, where to start? Thank you for the challenge, which I find a bit daunting but it wouldn’t be a challenge if it wasn’t:) And thank you for describing our blog as “funny and endearing”, I love it!

    I’m wishing you hadn’t passed this challenge on to me though because you would have been top of the list to hand it on to and now I can’t, lol! Unless you want it a third time?

    I confess I haven’t read all the posts you listed, some of them are from before my time following you, but that’s good, I get to read them now. Which is what I’m off to do;) Seeya!

  6. Oh, and I had to look up omphaloskepsis, I’m still not sure how to pronounce it!

    • I’m so glad someone looked it up. I figured when no one was clicking the link it was because they already knew the word.

      Can’t wait to see your links.

  7. I love all of these posts and am very proud to say I remember them all quite well. Is that creepy and stalker-like?

    I think this is such a terrific list. That man of yours has some great taste. It must have been hard to come up with seven to fit the categories. You write about so many different subjects that many could apply.
    It’s funny, duplicating titles is something I worry about doing all the time. I actually keep track of them on an excel spreadsheet so it doesn’t happen. It’s probably neurotic but it helps keep me from stressing over it. 😛

    Your post about some dogs you don’t like that much is one of my favourites. It’s so honest. Just as we don’t like all humans, I think it’s okay to not like all dogs. Reading it again has inspired me to write my own!

    • I’m impressed that you remembered the posts. You must have very good retention of what you read.

      And if it’s stalkery and creepy, than I must be weird because I found it flattering. :)

  8. I love your blog, and like it even more knowing it’s written by a real estate agent (my dad was one for 27 years). Keep writing posts that are worth reading twice!

  9. Found you via the Pet Blog Hop. This was a great post and read “Dangerous Dogs” with interest as any breed with the word “bull” in it can end up on one of these list now-a-day. Wonder if we changed “Bull” to “Fluffy” in breed names, if that would curtail BSL? :-)

  10. I have to say, this 7 Links Challenge is pretty darn cool (especially since I’m a relative newbie and haven’t read all of these posts yet).

    I have to say, I went and read the “controversial” posts (cause I’m that kind of girl) and I think you handled all of those topics really well. Not one single curse word in sight! The “flexitarian” post sure had my mind going, though. Food is a passionate topic, for sure! BTW – I balled my eyes out looking at beef cattle at a state fair once. Someone thought it’d be okay to hang a life-size butcher’s guide right above the cows’ heads. Might as well have drawn a map on the cow’s side. :( (I’m not a vegetarian – but I do have standards.) :(

    Looking forward to the challenges!

  11. That’s a great selection of posts, Pamela. They’re all special in their own way and the all deal with interesting and worthy topics. This post urges me to go and do some re-reading…

  12. I loved the walk down Memory Lane… as I’ve mentioned before, your blog is one of my favorites, hands down. So I have to be honest – I remembered most of these! (Though that won’t stop me from reading them again.) :) Great choices for the blogs to pass the challenge onto as well!

    PS. Extra bonus points for the very technical term for navel-gazing!

  13. I have been a fan of you and your blog for quite some time now. : ) I just stopped by to let you know that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your blog and archives. It is really an interesting journey. You are a “Noteworthy Archive Award Winner”. You have some treasures hidden in your archives and this award will let others know that it is well worth their time to take a walk through your archives. Here is the information about this award http://wp.me/p1n5oG-kM and where you can get your badge to show others you have great archives worth reading. http://justramblinpier.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/noteworthy-archive-blog-badge1.jpg
    Congrats and enjoy!
    Just Ramblin’