6 Benefits of Sharing A Bed With Your Dog

I got the message. Stop being a wimp. Put on my big girl panties. And stop whining about sharing the bed with my dog.

Time to look at the benefits of sharing a bed with my dog.

Honey the golden retriever in bed.

Benefit #1: Save money on dental floss. By the time I pull Honey’s tail fur out from between my teeth, popcorn kernels have no chance of staying stuck.

Benefit #2: Toughen up. Night after night of being kicked in the kidneys means no mugger in a dark alley has a chance of hurting me.

Benefit #3: Tolerate temperature extremes. After sleeping without covers in the winter and with a furry furnace under my chin in the summer, Sahara and Antarctica pose no threat.

Benefit #4: Weight loss. No, you don’t want to go to bed with a little snack with a hungry golden retriever on the loose.

Benefit #5: Reminders to wash the sheets. Hey, sometimes I’m not sure how long it’s been since I changed the sheets. But the handy dog hair scale let’s me know when it’s time to do the laundry.

Benefit #6: Friendship. I’m a member of an elite club of crazy dog (and cat) people who sacrifice their sleep for love.

So maybe if Honey can put up with sharing my bed with me, I can benefit from sharing my bed with her.

Honey the golden retriever sleeps in.

C’mon, can’t you at least leave a little room for me?

Your Turn: Any wacky benefits you get from sharing sleeping space with your pet?


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  1. I love #5 – that’s my clue to do the sheets too!

    Another benefit for me is I sleep more soundly. When Blueberry opts to sleep on the floor (usually only happens in the summer) I toss and turn until she finally hauls herself up on the bed sometime during the night and then I am out like a light.

  2. When I had pneumonia, I almost stopped breathing one night and Bunny woke me up. You can’t beat that! She also fluffs the pillows for me!

  3. I’m a pretty good contortionist for someone my age. Sometimes I’m sleeping in an ‘L’ shape. LOL But I sure do love having them with me.

  4. Very good points except for getting kicked in the kidneys. Bailie sleeps in bed with Mom, but she always has her but up on the pillow somehow and often kicks Mom in the face in the night. She has woken up with actual scratches on her face in the morning. No matter how often she turns Bailie around, the behind keeps ending up by Mom’s head.

  5. The burglar might make it into the house, but he’ll never make it into the bedroom 😉

  6. Hooman never over sleeps. She tries to have a lie in, but if I’m hungry, I’ll sit on her and whack her on the face :-)

  7. LOL! Awesome benefits :) Other benefits are that I’m never lonely. I don’t need an alarm clock because he will be in my face when it’s time to get up.

  8. Um….no? Wait. I mean YES! I used to sleep with my cat when I was a kid. Chester & Gretel are cat size so it’s like “comfort food” for me when they are in my bed. Otherwise, not really :/

  9. Haha! I had to laugh at #6. Here lately, one of our cats has decided 5am is a good time to come get some petting. :( And Sage only sleeps on the bed in the winter. I guess the communal warmth is best then!

  10. I love sleeping with my dog, I actually read a study not too long ago that suggested sleeping with your pet can cause a lot of sleep disturbance. It’s worth it.

  11. Hahaha agree! Mummy can also sleep in small spaces after having only the edge of the bed

  12. Don’t forget the wake up call in the morning – nothing beats puppy kisses to wake you up :-)

  13. This is fantastic! I would love to sleep with our dogs, but we have a full house, including 2 cats, so it wouldn’t work for us. I do occasionally sleep in the living room with the dogs – it’s called Slumber Party Sleep Over Night. As I get older, our sofa gets less comfortable. But I do love waking up to a puppy on my head, another on my back, a dog across my legs, and the last across my feet.

    I don’t need a blanket.

  14. I love #2 – Harley sticks his legs right through me sometimes BOL
    Leo was the one who breathed so hard – he rocked the bed ever so slightly making me feel like a baby in a cradle. I will miss that part.
    Love the post, it made me smile.

  15. Mity loves to sleep on my bed, but BD hates it. He won’t even sleep upstairs with me. He is no use as a fury comforter to keep away things that go bump in the night!!