5 Ways to Prepare for Your Dog's Convalescence – the funny version

  1. Stock up on ear plugs. When you can’t play, run, or go for walks barking becomes major entertainment.
  2. Practice verbally abusing your puppy in baby talk. Repeat after me in a high, squeaky voice: “You little evil puppy, you. You’re the spawn of Satan, oh yes you are!”

    Golden Retriever Puppy

    Spawn of Satan? Moi?

  3. Learn how to trip over a baby gate while balancing a basket of laundry. You really want to make sure you have this one down. You’ll be doing it a lot.
  4. Get your grooming tools out. A dog that’s been shaved for surgery will have a lot less fur to brush. Enjoy it while it lasts!
  5. When you carry your dog down the stairs, don’t bonk her head on the door jambs. It’s amazing how hard your dog will be to catch once you do that a few times.
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  1. I do not evny you at all! But boy is she cute!!

  2. Thank you. It’s a good thing she’s cute because on day 7 of her confinement, Honey’s getting really hard to keep down!

  3. this post was hilarious …made me crack up …thank you :-)

  4. Way to keep your sense of humor. I’ve got my fingers crossed for your pup.