5 Things Google Doesn’t Know About Dogs

You can find anything using Google, right?


There are at least 5 things I want to know about my dog. But when I do a Google search I come up with nothing.

5 Things Google Doesn’t Know About My Dog

C’mon Google. Why can’t you answer these questions?

How many calories does a 50 pound dog burn playing bitey face?

Just try doing a search. Google has no answers.

Even google doesn't know everything about dogs.

I’m an international dog of mystery. Even google doesn’t know my secrets.


How do you keep dog hair out of your contact lenses?

Maybe there is no answer. If you wear contacts and live with a golden retriever, prepare for pain.

Why does my dog love Ok Go’s White Knuckles video but watches no other programs containing dogs?

She comes running when she hears the opening beats. But ignores barking and howling on any other video. Google has no idea why.

Why does the hair on the feet of a golden retriever grow so fast?

It grows. It needs trimming. But Google can’t tell me why.

How come my dog poops on a walk every time I don’t have a bag even when she pooped in the yard twice before we left?

If you ask Google, you’ll only find admonitions to always scoop that poop. But no explanation of how dogs can create poop on an empty stomach.

If Google Doesn’t Know About My Dog, Who Does?

If I keep typing questions about my dog into Google and don’t get answers, where can I turn?

I guess I’ll just have to ask my dog. Unfortunately, she’s not talking.

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Your Turn: What what you most like to know about your dog that Google doesn’t know?


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  1. It’s not often you can stump Google! Good job!

  2. I’ve been finding a few things Google doesn’t know. Not about my dog because I’ve never thought to ask, but Google doesn’t know why my Mac Book won’t load to YouTube.

    Big brother better step up his game. 😉

  3. Well, if Google doesn’t know…and if you have an iPhone…maybe you should ask Siri. She’s supposed to know everything too! Congratulations to the winners.

  4. Vlad & Barkly's Dee says:

    *Scratching Head* Have you tried asking Suri–or getting someone to ask her for you? She seems to know answers to everything. Even when those answers don’t seem to help at all.

  5. I would like to know why Rita is so WEIRD about what she’ll eat. (E.g. I keep these cookies by the bed to give her on weekend mornings when we sleep in – hoping to keep her head tremors at bay by staving off low blood sugar. In the a.m.’s I have to eat 2 or 3 myself – rough, i know – before she’ll deign to eat one. But at night, she BEGS me for one. She’s so odd.)

  6. That is hilarious! I want to know why Padfoot will go nuts during a thunderstorm unless he’s eating something. Then, he’s perfectly fine. Nothing else works, but food, and I have truly tried everything. I either have to dope him up and knock him out, or give him something truly tasty and long lasting.

  7. My bubble has burst…I thought google was perfect until now 😉

  8. Congratulations winners! I’d like to know the answer about why my dogs poop on a walk after they’ve already done in the yard too. Maya is particularly notorious for this. This is why one of her nicknames is Poopers!

  9. So funny! I thought Google knew everything!

  10. LOL Clearly you’re asking the wrong questions :-)

  11. Callie, Shadow, and Ducky's Mom says:

    I gave up asking Google much of anything because I usually get answers like “no response” Or “did you mean —?”. If I meant “—“, I’d have asked “—” in the first place! Gezzloweez! :-( But I love that you have stumped the “all-knowing” Google as well! :-)

  12. You know, this isn’t related at all: is Honey small for a Golden? Or am I just used to seeing overweight ones? 50 pounds seems like a wee little dog for a Golden.

  13. And here I thought Google knew EVERYTHING.

    I sure would like to know about that poop bag conundrum too. My dogs have pulled that once or twice as well. I now keep a poop bag with the treat pouch so I don’t get caught empty handed!