5 Things Dogs Do That You Need to Learn – Good for the Dog; Good for You

Dogs must fit into our worlds. Would we be better off if we tried to fit into theirs?

Science suggests yes.

Honey the Golden Retriever at Fall Creek Playground.

Am I in jail for playing on a No Dogs Allowed playground?

5 Things to Learn From Your Dog

What dog behaviors do you most need to learn?



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  1. Hmmm…I never thought about Dakota’s tugging when we walk could mean that we have to speed it up. I guess I must try that one!

    Sent you an email, hope you got it!

  2. I couldn’t agree more, with every single one of those.

  3. I sure wish my mummy would walk faster!

  4. Yes, I certainly did recognize Gizmo & me in this post…of course we need to speed up little on walks…there’s good stuff up ahead Mom. And about good smells..don’t we fill our homes with scents we love and use perfumes and oils on ourselves? Naps…I’ve never mastered the art of the power nap and envy Gizmo’s ability to grab one anytime anywhere. As for the growling…remember that once a dog growls and sends his message, he moves on to the next thing…we can express our anger, but then remember to let it go…Mischief? That’s just another word for fun…and there’s nothing more fun than playtime with your dog…Wise words here

  5. Silas definitely makes me walk faster. Of course, walking with my husband also makes me walk faster. My poor female friends always say things like, “Slow down! This is the mall, not the race track!” Habits. What can you say?

  6. I think bipeds should embrace a wider range of smells instead of classifying them into nice and nasty. Lots of the smells they think are nasty are the most interesting of all!

  7. Good advice! I wish I could be as calm as my dog is. He’s got the most restful heartbeat sounds. Happy Monday!

  8. Woof! Woof! My mom agrees … Golden Thanks for sharing. In regards to growling sooo true. I’m a people dog but I bark n growl If I sense the person is not nice. We are unhappy for places that are not dog friendly too. Happy Monday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. Humans miss so much by not giving different odors a chance to be investigated more thoroughly. If only we could rid ourselves of the disgust factor, worlds of appreciation might follow. Or not.

  10. I agree. I keep telling mom that sniffing and eating dirt is something I remember from when I was a stray. Maybe now she won’t pull me away.

  11. Brilliant!! I always knew we were smarter, glad your finally catching up with us BOL!

  12. Walk faster is a good one for me. I’ve been going at the same pace for the same amount of time every day on the treadmill, and it’s no longer resulting in weight loss. However, I prefer to learn the lesson from Brooks, slow down and smell the roses!! hehe.

  13. Walk, walk, walk, sniff, sniff – so true! I need to speed up so when we “rest/sniff,” it’s of benefit. Super post – again :). I smell a lot since my taste buds get no use – olfaction is a sense we really can develop better.

  14. Wonderful advice! I hope the humans take it to heart.

  15. Kolchak would like me to PLEASE learn to start taking naps. He loves a good nap and we do not indulge often enough.


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