4 Signs of Fall – Wordless Wednesday

As Honey and I walk around the neighborhood, we look for these common signs of fall.

Honey the golden retriever lies in the fallen leaves.

Falling leaves

Honey the golden retriever sees a Halloween ghoul.

Spooky things

Honey the golden retriever sees a candidate's campaign sign.

Campaign signs

Image of snow is not yet found.

Snow flurries

Thank goodness. I don’t think we’re ready for snow yet.

Your Turn: What do you like the most about fall? What do you like the least?

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  1. We love the leaves but are not fans of all the spooky halloween decorations at our neighbors houses!

  2. Margaret T says:

    On my computer, the “snow flurries” picture says “Image not found.” I hope that’s an omen; after last winter in the upper Midwest, I could do without much snow.
    Favorite things? This fall, the color has been absolutely glorious, the best I can remember. The maples fade and drop leaves, and the red oaks take over. The crisp weather makes the dogs playful and energetic.
    But the light is fading. In less than two months, we’ll have our shortest day, and the cycle begins again.

  3. Leaves…spooky decorations…both great harbringers of Fall! But snow?!? Oh no…that is WINTER only.

  4. Yep, all fall related things… and we’ve seen everything but the snow too!

  5. How cute are those.

  6. Snow flurries!? Oh please not so soon!

  7. I love the changing colors, and the crisp, cool air. I don’t like that it leads to winter! And I hear we just might see some of that white stuff this weekend. :(

  8. I hate the shortening daylight! I could totally deal with winter if the days still stayed light until 9PM. I love the leaf colors and the gorgeous blue skies. We have flurries in the forecast on Saturday! And just yesterday it was in the low 80’s!

  9. Love the falling leaves, am privileged by voting, and still surprised to have Halloween warm enough here in southeast MO so we can walk w/o the snowsuits and boots of my youth in Minnesota. While I, too, finally tired of the cold last winter, I reveled in it for most of the time because for me, it reminded me of home. Now, inspired by you and Honey, I do believe Justus, Ellie Mae, and I need to go for a walk.

  10. I adore the leaves too, and the weather’s been great. I don’t relish the shorter days, darker bike rides though. I’ll bet its beautiful in Ithaca!

  11. We love walking on the crunchy leaves and those cold frosty mornings in the dark where we are all alone just walking along.

  12. I love the cooler weather (although we’ve seen too little of that so far!) and the leaves and the pumpkin-everything! I hate the political phone calls and the Santa Ana winds that bring fire season! But it’s still my favorite season!

  13. Hahaha! We might get snow here on Friday.

  14. Fall leaves, that are now almost all on the ground! Cider and cinammon donuts, cooler temperatures and snuggling on cold, rainy days.

  15. I’m a fan of snow, or was before I became an adult and had to learn how to drive in it!!

  16. Harley and I are in love with the LEAVES!

  17. I’m looking for Milkbone underwear.

    What was the question?