3 Bad Things that Happen Around Dogs (That Only Get Worse)

I can’t imagine life without dogs.

But sometimes they’re responsible for some truly horrible things. And then things only get worse.

Honey the Golden Retriever lies on her pillow.

You’ll always find me lying on my pillow in the kitchen. Wouldn’t want anyone to know I can reach the counter. Not that I’d ever misbehave.

Like when:

You realize your dog is eating stuff off the counter.

So you move food to the top of the fridge.

And come home to find a torn up bread wrapper on the floor.

Or how about this one?

Honey the Golden Retriever lies on the couch.

Who’d want to eat a couch? They’re so comfy.

Someone spills milk on your new, expensive couch.

Despite spending an hour cleaning it, you catch both dogs licking it.

And return home an hour later to find a two foot hole torn in the upholstery.

And the very worst of all—

Honey the Golden Retriever is very pretty.

No, I’m not going to illustrate the last bad thing. I am a lady, after all.

You find a dog turd in the yard with a foot print in it.

It’s a human foot print.

And you’re not wearing shoes.


Your Turn: Have things ever gone from bad to worse with your dog? Do share.


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  1. Oh no, that last one is bad! We don’t do landmines in our yard, so that hasn’t happened but mom says it is bad enough with shoes on somewhere else! We know you love us, so we aren’t too worried about the punishment…the crime is generally worth the time!

  2. Oh, funny and not funny.

    Our “worst” one with Silas went something like this:
    1) Puppy goes into yard to eat rocks.
    2) To avoid gastrointestinal surgery, we start trading rocks for treats
    3) Very smart adult dog uses patio rocks as currency for the cookie vending machine.

    • Mike Webster says:

      From the Husband:
      Hmmm. Now considering reevaluating previously abandoned “Rocks For Beer” scheme. . .

  3. I guess the worst was when Bruno was quite old and having some ‘accidents’ at night…there were a few times i woke in the dark and on my way to the rest room stepped in something brown & squishy…but I loved him so first a few hugs and then out came the cleaning kit

  4. Ha ha that sounds like the day from hell……..Puppy Molly was so there. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. The thing I remember that made me throw up my hands and yell at him was when he “stole” a brand new pair of cashmere lined leather gloves, with the tags till on, and was devouring the thumb.

    That was when I first got him and hadn’t learned to put everything our reach.

  6. Oh, we’ve been there! A few years ago, we went to bed. Actually, I went first and was just about to completely fall deeply asleep when my husband came to bed. After some fidgeting around and making a lot of noise, I asked him what was wrong. “There’s a wet spot here on the bed.” A little investigation revealed that someone had peed on the bed and it went through the comforter, blankets and sheets. We got up, stripped the bed down, started the wash, remade the bed with some old sheets and blankets and finally got to sleep forty five minutes later. I thought that was pretty bad, and I was telling a friend about it one day. She told me that her first Greyhound had a wide stubborn streak and had tried to get her out of bed one morning. When she ignored the dog, she stood up and peed on her head. I feel better about my story now!

  7. Oh dear! Mummy stepped in a few of my wee spots when I was still toilet training BOL

  8. Zoe ate an oversized chair that didn’t have any spills on it. I’d have given someone $5 to take her that day! But that was the last thing she chewed and she ended up living a good long life. The only thing that ever stopped Dudley from counter surfing was he blew out his knee at age 13.5. Dudley also tried lo sit on my head in bed once when he was all nervous and afraid during a thunder storm, but neither of them ever peed on me BOL!

  9. Sue @ The Golden Life says:

    That last one is bad, but in some ways funny. When Sam and I were getting me ready to move down here from Long Island, my poodle, Kissy, left a poop deposit on the bedroom floor. Neither one of us knew it was there and Sam stepped right in the middle of it, in bare feet. I was in the other bedroom and heard him laughing. What’s so funny? I asked. He was still laughing when he said “I just stepped in shit, so I guess the rest of the day will be perfect.” It wasn’t until I walked into the room and saw Sam trying to hop out to the bathroom to wash his foot in the tub that I realized he really had stepped in it. Then I started laughing at the sight of him trying to hop to the bathroom. And all the while Kissy was downstairs, playing with a toy in her crate. I cleaned up the carpet, and then took her outside to finish her “business”.

  10. Julie Blackwelder says:

    One of the worst I ever heard was a family with a small shih tzu that somehow managed to climb onto a high counter by scaling the couch, end table and a bookcase, while the family was gone. The husband came in first, stopped, then rushed back to stop the wife at the door, “Don’t come in. Wait here on the step. I’ll be right back.” The smell was almost overpowering. He reappeared with the shih tzu wrapped in a large towel, and in the tiny cat carrier with only his head visible. His instructions were, “Go to the vet. I’ll call and tell them you are coming. He has eaten a whole bag of mini Reese Cups, wrappers and all. I have to find someone to clean the carpet and the furniture.”

    He said he called the vet and then called almost every cleaner in the phone book, finally offered a $200 tip if they would come immediately. They had white carpet, and white brocade living room furniture! Apparently when the stomach cramps stared, the dog was running in circles leaving a jet stream of partially digested chocolate, peanut butter, and wrappers behind him. The man said that getting the wrappers up so they could start cleaning immediately when they got there was so disgusting he gagged the whole time!

    The dog survived and the cleaner did a great job, but it cost them almost $600 to get everything clean. I don’t recall what the vet bill was.

  11. lol. But honey has such an innocent face! Well , we’ve been through it all, torn leather upholstery, chewed up crates, chewed up Persian carpets ( a wedding gift from my parents). But I’d give it all away if I could just hang out with them.Although i must stay it wasn’t fun when Hannah decided to roll around in some dog-poo at the park (we thought she was just rolling in the grass). Getting her to a bath in our brand new car was not a good experience 🙂

  12. When I first got Frankie he came with a technological bent … he liked to bend technological stuff! Three mobile phones, numerous remote controls, phone chargers etc. Took me a year before I was finally trained to put things like that out of his reach! I’m a slow learner. He used to counter surf a bit, I had to learn to put food at the back of the counter. Now he just tends to shred dog duvets, with more than a little help from his big sister! Thankfully Beryl’s thing is only shredding paper so as long as I don’t leave anything important lying within her reach that’s fine 🙂 I just laugh and take photos!

  13. The worst I’ve experienced – dog chews hole in the living room rug, dog consumes shreds of unraveled rug, dog feels bad (ill) and goes into crate, at some point dog tears whole in bed in the crate, dog pukes in corner of crate and then moves his bed to on top of it. Mom finds this treasure by sticking her hand in and trying to figure out what dog did to bed. Mom almost puked on top of the dog bed as her hand sunk into cold dog barf. It was enough to make a person ask, “Now why did I think I needed a second dog?”

    • Julie Blackwelder says:

      OMG, I gagged just thinking about it! Only thing worse than cold dog barf is warm dog barf!

  14. I’ve never tried eating a sofa! I’ve tried most other furniture when I was a pup.

  15. Oh no! I’ve definitely done the foot in turd thing. 🙂 I don’t recall my dogs getting on the counter. But the trash was always an issue. And Maya peed on my couch once, and my bed. Both have since been discarded.

  16. Oh my. That’s a beautiful couch. How horrid.

    The turd isn’t so bad. I step in chicken, duck and goose crap all the time. I mean, I wear crocs most of the time, but sometimes the duck poops in my Crocs when I’m in the house. He loves those things.