2010 National Sheepdog Finals – Be Inspired In Your Very Own Home

For the first time, the USBCHA (United States Border Collie Handler’s Association) National Sheepdog Finals will be streamed live on the internet. Way cool, huh?

Although the finals aren’t until September 25 and 26, I’d love to see the word get out far and wide to dog lovers. You can even publicize the web stream by displaying a poster.

Here’s a little preview to get you pumped up:

I believe that the happiest dogs are those who are well-loved and have a job to do. That could make some of these border collies the happiest dogs ever!

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  1. Sorry for the test comment — there was one blog that I couldn’t post a comment on after writing a long one so I thought I’d try this first.

    Anyway, when I lived in London, many years before I got a dog, I saw “Sheepdog trials” listed on a TV schedule and I was very confused. What could the dogs possibly have done, I wondered, that they had to go to court?

    Seriously. I was that clueless.

  2. Well the sheep dogs are being judged so maybe you weren’t so far off after all.