16 Ways Dogs Are Better Than Social Media

Honey the dog is better than social media

Of course twitter doesn’t leave dog hair all over my sheets.

More people use Facebook than live with dogs.

Why? Don’t they know dogs are better than social media?

Dogs More Fun Than Social Media; Need Better Marketing

♥ You don’t need tools to measure your influence with a dog. You know every time you call and they come to you.

♥ Dogs don’t change their appearance every two weeks.

♥ If a dog “stops working,” your vet can usually help you figure out why.

♥ Your dog doesn’t cut you off at 140 characters.

♥ You’ll never find an exact copy of your dog somewhere else without getting credit for the original.

♥ You can watch puppies play. And cuddle with them afterwards.

♥ You don’t have  to add your dog to your circle and he doesn’t have to add you to his. It’s just love.

♥ No one will take over your dog so that when you walk him, he automatically leads you to a porn site or someone selling designer knock-offs.

♥ You don’t have to remember a password to play fetch.

♥ Your dog will never ask you for imaginary farm implements to play some dumb game.

♥ When you play with your dog, billboards don’t pop up telling you how you can lose 50 pounds in a week, buy a house with no money down, or get rid of wrinkles using the secret doctors don’t want you to know.

♥ You don’t need WiFi to play with your dog.

♥ Your dog will never share your most embarrassing moments with everyone in the world.

♥ If you toss a ball for your dog, he won’t come back with a long rant about your political beliefs.

♥ A dog can keep you warm when the heat goes out.

♥ Your dog will never “unfriend” you.

How is your dog better than social media? 

Who’s the Better Leader?

Last week I asked who would make a better president, you or your dog? Here are the results:

Survey Results

Question01 A good leader follows through until she meets her goal.
Who is more persistent? 13 32 4
Question02 A good leader is persuasive.
Who is better at influencing others? 13 34 2
Question03 A good leader is intelligent.
Who is a better problem solver? 26 21 2
 Question04 A good leader has empathy.
Who is better at understanding others’ feelings? 24 22 3
Question05 A good leader does what’s right, even when it’s difficult.
Who has more integrity? 28 17 3
Question06 A good leader communicates well.
Who’s better at telling others what they need to know?? 10 35 2
Question07 A good leader knows how to keep disagreements from escalating.
Who is more diplomatic? 19 25 4

Looks like dogs are often better at communicating, convincing, and persisting until they get what they want. No big surprises there.

What did I learn from this? Perhaps the best presidential pairing is a woman with a dog.

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  1. I am a Facebook user, but you know, most evening I opt for the dog rather than the social media.


  2. Love it! But can’t I have both? As long as the dogs always come first? :)

  3. Sounds like you’re as frustrated with FB as I am. I prefer my dogs over the computer — social media or otherwise — every time! Unfortunately, there are times when I don’t have a choice about getting on the computer.

  4. I was about to say it’s probably neck and neck for me with social media and dogs…but then I remembered, cats make the internet better. I’ve got both in my home, so…
    Hey, I would totally love to see a woman and a dog running the White House!

  5. I have to agree with all your points. What’s really fun is when I’m on the computer and I have both dogs piked on my lap.

  6. I got bullied into joining FB, but never for having a dog.

  7. Love “your dog won’t unfriend you” :)

  8. This was a great post Pamela-peoples (except the whole “coming when called” thing – that’s overrated!) :-)

  9. That’s cute! Dogs are definitely better than social media. ♥ ♥ ♥

  10. Ha! So true! All of them!
    I laughed at the “You don’t need a tool to measure your influence.” So true. I come home and the barking tells me my worth with my dogs. Daisy’s wiggly butt does that too.
    Great list Pamela!

  11. Oh I like that theory, I WILL vote for a woman with a dog. :-) Perhaps you and Honey?

  12. First of all, I’d like to hotly contest the fact that your dog will never share your most embarrassing moments with the world. I guess you missed The Great Underwear Occurrence of 2007, where a puggle who shall go unnamed emptied the entire contents of my lingerie drawer onto our lawn and presented them to every visitor to the back fence for hours. When I came home from work I was mortified to see all my lacy bits dangling from the fence, strewn about the lawn and the puggle wearing a negligee as a hat.