10 Ways Dogs Help You Survive Winter

The days are getting shorter. The weather is getting colder. How will I ever make it through another winter?

Oh, yeah, I forgot. I have a dog. I’ll be fine.

Honey the Golden Retriever breaks trail in the snow

Let’s pretend we’re in the Iditarod and I’m breaking trail for the rest of the team.

Winter Survival – Doggy Style

If you have a dog, you’ll have everything you need to get through a long, cold winter:

Foot Warmer – No need to worry about frostbite while watching television. Just slip your tootsies under the Newf. Ahhhhh, instant warmth.

Personal Coach – You don’t have to gain weight over the holidays. One hyper dog barking her head off is all the motivation you’ll need to get your outdoor exercise, no matter what the weather.

Bed Warmer – Assuming you can find room in the bed at all, there’s nothing that will chase the chill away faster than a pile of puppies on your pillows.

Dryer – What cools you down when your skin is wet? Evaporation. But a rough, dry tongue licking you dry as you leave the shower makes sure you’ll never feel the chill.

Humidifier – The only thing worse than the cold is feeling parched by dry air. Luckily, dogs are natural humidifiers. Need a little extra moisture? Get a drooler.

Hand Warmers – Carry plastic bags in your pocket to conveniently carry the “hand warmers” your dog produces on a walk. Just remember to hold them away from your nose.

Pre-rinsed Dishes – Holiday baking and entertaining is exhausting. Luckily you have someone to make dishwashing go faster by offering pre-rinse services to get rid of stubborn, dried on food.

Dog Wool – One good grooming session should offer up enough wool to make a small pair of mittens. Or, for a more eclectic material, just empty your vacuum bag.

Indoor exerciser – Trimming the fur growing between the pads of a Golden Retriever will make anyone break a sweat. Especially if you have to catch her first.

Lantern – Because no matter what, they always bring light to the darkest days.

How does your dog help you survive the winter?

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  1. Yes, my dogs help me survive the winter for sure. More so now that we have Torrey. She needs to get out and romp everyday, no matter what. If I didn’t have the dogs, I would be a basket case in the winter.

    • I’ve been tempted by little dogs in my life. Roxey is certainly the perfect size to take anywhere.

      But if my small dog could get all the exercise he needed indoors, I’d never leave the house from November through April. :)

  2. loved this! When I am cold I always tell Dakota to bring his “furry self” to the couch to that I may cuddle him. All of that Sheltie fur is just delightful on a cold winter night or ANY day!

  3. Several reasons here why dogs are different than cats!

  4. Love your list. Everyone of them true!! Happy winter!

  5. Very true and very sweet. In the winter I am always tempted to just tuck in and hide from the world but my dog forces me to get out of the house whether I want to or not. This very action actually lifts my mood immensely and helps get me through!

  6. Thanks. I will keep these things in mine as I “adjust” to the colder weather :)

  7. Jersey is the best furry hot water bottle ever!

  8. Ha-ha! I think I have all the items on the list to get through the winter! The Newfs came in handy today when we lost power for a few hours! Feet Warmers-check!

  9. I definitely make my way out for a walk every day with Cali – the colder, the better for her!! I must say that the kitties are pretty good day-time lap warmers and nightly bed warmers too!

  10. They get Dad out every evening for a walk after dark through the neighborhood. Mornings they get me out front for a neighborhood watch to make sure there is no one who doesn’t belong. Weekends are the best. Our two Newfs get us out in boots, hats, scarves, gloves for a 2 hour woods walk. Up and down hills, across gullies and down to the cold icy falls where they can play and swim (their favorite). No we watch from the dry area. With two Newfs there is no chance of being inside for winter :)

  11. Ha ha ha! What a great list! Alarm clock comes to mind!