10 Things I’d Never Do If I Didn’t Have a Dog

Honey the Golden Retriever gets toweled off after a bath.

If it’s bath time, where’s my chicken treat?

Because of my dog, I do the craziest things. This is the short list.

If I Didn’t Have a Dog, I’d Never…

Keep stinky treats in the bathroom

Let’s face it. I don’t need to give my husband bits of dehydrated chicken to convince him to take a bath or clip his toenails. At least not lately.

Wash my hands after getting out of the shower

I bet people without dogs don’t have hands that look like fuzzy lollipops in a lint factory after putting on their bathrobe and wrapping their hair in a towel. And I’m sure they’ve never perfected the scream of pain that accompanies putting your contact lenses in with dog hair covered fingers.

 Read dog blogs

I’d find a new obsession that takes hours of my life. Although I bet it wouldn’t be nearly as cute.

Save old sheets

It would never occur to me to cover the seats in a rental car or the couch during a particularly muddy spring.

Pick outdoor seating at a restaurant on a day cold enough to make me shiver

Imagine if a restaurant welcomed you with any friend you ask to join you?

Bring a camera every time I step outdoors

Take pictures of trees? Waterfalls? People?

Fill every coat pocket with small plastic bags and tiny bits of biscuit

And I’d find far less interesting things left behind in my washing machine.

Visit the backyard of my city home in my robe and slippers early in the morning and late at night

I don’t know who would be more relieved: me or my neighbors.

Take a walk, every day, no matter what the weather

Heck, those cookie calories are welcome to stay on my butt a few extra days if it’s raining out.

Enjoy sitting quietly on my front steps watching the world go by

Because some things just aren’t as much fun without a dog by your side to share them with.

Your Turn: What would you stop doing if you didn’t have a dog? 

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  1. I’d never have 40 pounds of chicken necks defrosting in my sink or have to carry 2 pounds of poop in a sack at my wrist on a walk and I’d actually be able to find the ‘sweet’ spot on my sleep comfort mattress.

    Wouldn’t that be boring though? :-)

  2. Exactly! I’m with ya on all of that and now you have me thinking of “what else?” I am now inspired to flatter you by both sharing this post on FB and wondering if I can create a list that patterns my own life with dogs.
    I did do a “Five Things I Stopped Doing” post last fall, which I dropped in the linky list above, but it was specific to volunteer puppy raising.
    The robe and slippers reminds me of when my neighbor was working third shift and we were talking across the chain link fence early one morning. He said, never thought I’d be out here drinking a beer at five in the morning. And I thought, I’d never thought I’d be in my pajamas talking to you at five in the morning while you’re drinking a beer. Ah, good neighbors. You just get lucky sometimes.

  3. I’d be able to stop taking my car to the car wash every other week to have the inside detailed. The mud covers the car in the spring time dashboard to hatch. I also wouldn’t have to run the Roomba ever few days to gather up all the dog hairs from the wood floors. I wouldn’t have to buy latex gloves anymore to keep my allergic hands from turning scarlet red & itchy when we working on our training with Jack (he’s a slobberer). But I also wouldn’t take much needed breaks from work to walk up the drive-way and lie in the grass & enjoy the sunshine each day with the doggies.

  4. First and foremost I probably wouldn’t be blogging and I’d be poorer for that…My circle of friends would be very different and I have a feeling I’d be a far less interesting person…Dogs are a centerpiece in my life

  5. haha Love it! If I didn’t have a dog, oh wow, how quiet life would be. I could rest more, have more money to spend on me, no in the middle of the night pee pee breaks, and so much more HOWEVER, I wouldn’t give up my boy for any of it!

  6. You got me thinking. I wouldn’t be obsessive about making sure doors were secure and gates locked because I have a cat that thinks he’s a dog and a dog that does not mind when he’s running full-tilt.

  7. Great list!

    I wouldn’t drive 20 min to go for a walk (because that’s where the good off leash park is); I’d just walk out the front door and go for a walk! (And not nearly as often…)

    I would walk to the drugstore, grocery store etc. since they are close enough to walk. (I don’t because I can’t walk there with Rita because I would worry too much about leaving her outside, and I can’t walk there without her cuz I’d have “walkies guilt”.)

    I would stop driving my 15 yr old beater of a car and get a new car. (I don’t because I don’t want a new car to have to suffer the abuse of sand and dog hair and slobber that my old car takes.)

    But I wouldn’t trade any of it!

  8. I would let a lot of the problems of the world bother me instead of taking a dog’s eye view of the present and the future.

    I would probably be taking a lot of prescriptions like some of my friends instead of none.

  9. So sweet! :) I’ve never experienced life without these things, but I’m not curious to find out. Things are perfect just the way they are.

  10. I enjoyed reading this post and all the comments. I see a lot of people who give up quite a bit for the company and affection of their pets. It’s really wonderful.

  11. The one about having to go out no matter what weather strikes a cord and finding poop bags in pockets of jackets when out without a dog. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. I won’t have so many “furry” jackets, pants, sweaters – sometimes I think there’s more hair on me than on the boys!

  13. Hi Y’all!

    Oh, it is our job to keep you exercised!

    Happy Easter,

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  14. Ah, well, today I wouldn’t have called five vets in hopes of finding one open after noon that would get an old dog with a swollen mouth in. *sigh* Or have paid $205 to have said dog looked at, cursorily, by an e vet who told me to take her to my vet on Monday. BlogPaws is looking far away right now. *sigh*

  15. Hmmm good question! I think the answer is something I would have to START doing though lol. I’d have to start cleaning up my human baby’s mess all over the floor and high chair after she eats, complete with mopping. I am very thankful that my dog does that for me 😉

  16. I wouldn’t feel a wet nose nudge me every morning to wake me up. I wouldn’t make friends with random people on the street because they think my dogs are cute. I wouldn’t find old dirty dog toys popping up in the most unlikely places. I wouldn’t know that amazing feeling of support when you’re studying, and your dog is lying under the desk keeping you company. I wouldn’t have dog grooming products that my friends tease me about: “Luscious hair conditioner” “Lavender aromatherapy dog spray” etc.

    Great post! You got me thinking :)

  17. I have become very adept at expressing anal glands. Never would have imagined that I’d say this (type this) 3 years ago.

  18. Many are the same as yours.
    I wouldn’t puff up the pillows on the other side of my bed so that BJ could be more comfortable sleeping.
    I would not put the work and the computer aside to pet a demanding dog.
    There are more, I just can’t think of them now.

  19. Well, I definitely wouldn’t get up every Saturday and drive to the dog park for a walk (oh, how sad that would be!) and I wouldn’t go for a walk every morning (no matter what the weather). Life would be so dull!!

  20. Ha! Love it so much. Hmmmmm, things I wouldn’t do??

    1. My freezer would be filled with ice creams & sorbets, not assorted meat pastes and organ meats.

    2. I would leave my house for 12+ hours at a time. Maybe even overnight.

    3. I’d wear white clothing or beige clothing. I look like a goth chick with all this black clothing to match the black dog hair.

  21. Love the post and comments!
    I would sleep in my own bed; I’ve developed a bad habit (after moving back to 12 hr shifts from 8 hr shifts) of sleeping in my recliner covered in dogs.
    I would ride horses without worrying about taking time away from the dogs.
    I could travel without arranging and paying for the welfare of 18 on-site dogs.

    I would be bored….except for the horses :).

  22. Yes, i do those things too, but all so worth it.

  23. Mummy read that list and said ‘yes, yes, yes!’ as she read your list.

  24. Ha…what a great list…I wouldn’t be late to work and tell my boss I’m sorry but it’s a little cold today so 1/4 of the way to work I turned the car around to turn on Max’s heating blanket. (Note: my boss totally understood)

  25. My mommy loved this. She smiled and got goose bumps, and then she hugged and kissed me.