10 Things Every Dog Person is Most Thankful For

Honey the Golden Retriever with Poodle at the Dog Park

I’m thankful for the attention. But if you wanna get any closer, I’m gonna have to see a ring.


A dog person is thankful because:


1. there’s no chance of food crumbs collecting in the carpet between vacuumings


2. they always have a steady supply of dog hair for that quirky, homemade gift idea on Pinterest


3. having to squeeze your body into all kinds of crazy shapes to find room on the bed between the dogs means you save money on yoga classes


4. dirty laundry gets frequent airings as the dog parades each sock and panty around the house. Wouldn’t want things to get stinky before washing day comes, would you?


5. having an abundance of canine energy bouncing off the walls when they get home from work means they don’t do have to do boring things like relaxing or watching television


6. they don’t have to sniff the crotch of the new neighbor because their dog has already done it for them


7. they never have to eat alone, enjoy a chair alone, or have an unfulfilled desire to scratch without a fuzzy butt nearby


8. they don’t have to look like an overbearing mom who spits on her kid’s face to take the dirt off, embarrassing him in front of his friends—the dog has already done it with his tongue


9. their dog will tell them to get more exercise before their doctor has to


10. your dog loves to love you and you love him right back


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  1. Check, check, check . . . yep, that’s pretty much the top of the list stuff. An extra lol for #4. We have a special place on a shelf to collect the treasures between laundry days.

  2. Wonderful!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  3. Love it! Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving. We hope you have a marvelous day. May you and all your family have a fun filled joyous holiday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Woof! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Just read both blogs…you nail ’em for sure! But dogs aren’t the only ones who love dirty panties. My cat thinks heaven is snuggling in a pair of used undies that happen to be laying in a sunbeam. (And I guess that tells you what kind of housekeeper I am! LOL) Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Heh. My dog didn’t have access to the laundry basket for the longest time and I never thought she’d care anyway. But when we moved to our new house and we were briefly staying in the upstairs bedroom all of a sudden Shiva showed her panty-thief side. After one incident, I made sure to keep the closet door firmly shut!

  8. Yup, those are ten very good things that I’m thankful for. Actually, I AM happy that Elka will parade around with socks….that means I can find the ones my other half leaves around, so that I can actually launder them!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. I need to give this season and shower someone with compliment – Seymour went to Heaven on Monday, my wee Border Terrier mix, Margie, the dumpster diver survivor, is missing and today, Betty Boop, an adoptable Beagle/Basset began exhibiting IVDD symptoms like Seymour’s but not as aggressive. She has pain medicine; I couldn’t put her down yet but probably will tomorrow. I know I have much for which to be thankful but it is tough this week. A little more than a week before my surgery BUT a woman stepped up after I posted a FB plea for fosters and is fostering a Beagle for me! Thanks, indeed!

  11. That’s a great list! I’ve obviously been checking the wrong things out on Pinterest, because I haven’t seen anything made out of dog hair. Darn it! I’ll have to go and follow you!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mike and Honey!

    • Y’know, I haven’t yet made the leap to Pinterest. I’m not looking forward to learning one more thing just now.

      But if I know there’s a big demand for things to do with dog hair, I just might take that as a challenge. :)

  12. A great list. Most of all I’m thankful for having my dog.

  13. I think your number two reason is my favorite!

  14. Great post! :)

  15. What a great list. My favorite being #5, I get a quick hello at the door then it is off to the races with toy in tote. Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Another thing to be thankful for? I never leave the house with food one my shirt. Koly simply would not allow it. He needs a Mama he can be proud of ;0)