What Are You Thankful For?

Honey the golden retriever is thankful.

What is Honey thankful for?

Unicorn Spotting – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever finds a sailboat named unicorn.

We see interesting creatures as cruising sailors—pelicans, cormorants, jellyfish. But this is the first spotting of something we thought was imaginary.

Where Will Honey Land?

Where will Honey the sailing dog land?

It’s freaking cold. Most of the other boating snow birds are already in Florida, the Bahamas, or arriving there shortly. We’re still asking ourselves: where will Honey land?

Why Did You Pick Your Dog?

Honey the golden retriever in the wind on the sailboat.

Some people only ever have small dogs. Others love big ones. I’ve met people who only ever have one breed of dog. And others who look like their dog family is made up of whoever walked in their door. Why did you pick your dog?

Honey Gives A Side Eye – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the sailing golden retriever gives the helmsman the side eye.

Sometimes you just know what your dog is thinking.

Does Your Dog Trust You?

Does your dog trust you?

“If you promise your dog something, you have to give it to her. Don’t risk breaking her trust.” Honey’s trainer said this to me years ago. It reminds me to ask myself, “Does my dog trust me?”

Honey The Boat Dog – A Pupdate

How does Honey the golden retriever like living on a sailboat?

Have you wondered how Honey likes being a boat dog? Here’s a pupdate.

Honey Has A Boyfriend – Wordless Wednesday

Moose the lab dock dog comes to court Honey the golden retriever on the boat.

Every marina and boatyard has a dock dog or two. And that means that as we travel, Honey might end up with a boyfriend. Or two. Or three…

My Pet Travel Wishlist

Honey the golden retriever at the dock.

Honey and I are banished. We have to find somewhere to spend the day while my husband Mike is replacing the fuel lines in the boat. I’m reminded that the United States stinks at providing amenities for people who travel with pets. Here’s my wishlist.

Celebrate Your Colorful Pet


Yeah, I’m one of those irritating people who rants about stores putting Christmas stuff out before Halloween. But there’s one time I don’t mind thinking about Christmas early. And it has to do with art, crafts, and dogs.

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