Scratch and Sniff Dog – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever just had a bath.

I need some clever geek to invent something—a scratch and sniff app for computers. You see, Honey just had a bath. She smells wonderful. And she feels even better. So soft. Heck, maybe it’s a hidden feature of WordPress and I never realized it. So go ahead. Scratch and sniff. And tell me Honey is […]

You’re Going To Do WHAT With Your Dog?

Honey the golden retriever sits by the lake.

“I’m really happy for you. But I’d never do it in a thousand years.” As we tell family and friends we’re planning to set sail with Honey next year, that’s the typical response. No one has asked us to explain ourselves. Not until Jan of The Poodle and Dog Blog commented: “As someone whose idea of […]

Who Copes Better With Change? Us Or The Dog?

Honey the golden retriever tires to understand what I'm explaining to her.

We’ve made a decision. And I’m scared sh*tless. So is my husband. Honey? Not so much. She’s sleeping at my feet dreaming of peanut butter and tug toys. What’s the difference? We know what’s coming and how uncertain our life plans are. Honey lives in the moment. So who copes better with change? Us or the […]

Do We Expect Too Much From Our Dogs?

Honey the Golden Retriever sits in MIke's lap at the side of the creek.

What was he thinking? Did my husband really expect me to work at home all day with chocolate covered pretzels sitting right on the counter? And that he could have one left when he got home from work? Just how much impulse control does he expect me to have? I guess as much as we […]

What Dogs Have Taught Me About My House

Honey the golden retriever looks at Cape May Lighthouse.

Houses fascinate me. Most people, whether they rent or own, express something about themselves by where they live. The psychologist Carl Jung built and designed a small castle to express his psychological development. And I look at my own house to see what it shows about how I’m feeling or how I live every day. […]

It’s Wordless Around Here – Wordless Wednesday

Mr. Puppy sleeps on the couch.

We’ve been pet sitting for a friend. Here’s our little guest. I call him Mr. Puppy (not his real name). He and Honey share the house with an attitude of benign neglect. A few sniffs. But no play. No sharing the couch. And luckily, no signs of stress. From either of them. This is the closest […]

What Dog People Really Want To Know

Honey the Golden Retriever sheds.

I scanned the list of search phrases that bring people to Something Wagging.  Yep, lots of the usual suspects: “woman dog sex” (thanks to this post), “golden retriever” (obviously), and “how to dispose of dog poop” (thanks to this post). But then I saw it. The search phrase that made me gag. “Why do dogs freak […]

10 Ways To Bond With Your Dog

Honey the golden retriever puppy sleeps in her crate.

You always bore the ones you love. And that’s not a terrible thing. One of the great blessings of being with those you love and who love you back is that you don’t have to work so hard to impress them. But it’s still good to do special things to strengthen your relationship. Here are […]

How Far Would You Go To Know If Your Dog Loves You?

Golden retriever in car.

How far would you go to find out if your dog loved you? Would you cross the country and back again? Would you consult a therapist? A pet communicator? Because Benoit Denizet-Lewis did those things and more wondering if his Labrador retriever, Casey, loved him. Oh, and while he was at it, he explored the […]

Do You Wear Ugly Shoes When You Walk YOUR Dog?

Do you wear ugly shoes when you walk your dog? Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...