I Need Your Advice For My Timid Dog

Honey the golden retriever naps on a sailboat.

We all worry about our dogs. You might worry about your dog getting injured or sick. I worry about my dog going overboard and being lost at sea when we move aboard a sailboat next year. I’m working on ways to prevent that from happening. But I need your advice for my timid dog. Protecting […]

Why Adopting A Reactive Dog Was The Best Thing I Ever Did

Honey the golden retriever nuzzles a stuffed toy.

Sure, I like a cute dog video as much as anyone. I enjoy following the agility competitions of doggy athletes. And who doesn’t love a funny dog poop story? But many of my favorite dog blogs share the joys and trials of living with reactive dogs. Why? Where’s the fun in reading about the terror, humiliation, […]

My Dog Is A Brat

Honey the Golden Retriever will sleep on the bed when the pet sitter comes.

I’ve read those stories. I’m sure you have too. About the dogs who seem to understand their person is undergoing serious medical treatment so they settle down and offer quiet comfort. Or how about the high-energy dog who recognizes her sister just back from surgery is a little fragile so she tempers her enthusiastic play? […]

What My Golden Retriever Taught Me About Who I Really Am

Honey the golden retriever puppy wades in the water.

What do you think of when someone mentions a golden retriever? Friendly. Silky, blond coat. Loves to swim, right? Well, not my Honey. At least for the last one. Somehow she never got the memo telling her that goldens love the water. Luckily, we love her for the dog she is. And not just the […]

Who Is Dearest To Me?

Honey the golden retriever puppy sleeps in her crate.

After blogging for almost five years, I rarely accept and pass on awards. But I recently received one from a surprising place: a sailing blog. And I’m thrilled to be recognized by bloggers who inspire me as they cruise aboard their sailboat with not one, but two, large dogs. Even if you don’t share the […]

The Dog Lover’s Guide To Fall

Honey the Golden Retriever - why does my dog do that

The shocking red and orange leaves I can see from my front window, darkness falling earlier, and a slight nip in the air tell me something is changing. It must be fall. But since I’m a dog lover, my fall is different from a normal person’s. Is yours? How A Dog Lover Sees Fall Leaves […]

Flame Wars Don’t Save Animals – Be The Change For Animals

Honey the Golden Retriever poses with hound mix Cherie,

I hate conflict. Nothing makes me feel worse than following an online argument. Except maybe when the subject of the argument is really important. And even worse, when the fight does nothing to improve things. So you can imagine how tense I find the online bickering surrounding animal rescue. Because a flame war never saved […]

Stop Stressing Out Your Dog

Honey the golden retriever poses with a Halloween rat.

Who do you think experiences higher stress levels? A CEO responsible for billions of dollars and thousands of employees? Perhaps a military leader making decisions that could cause deaths and injuries to thousands of soldiers? Or a middle manager just running her small department? If you guessed that stress levels are higher for the CEO or […]

If I Were A Dog, I’d Be A…

Honey the Golden Retriever is a puppy, not a child.

I recently took one of those click bait quizzes I found online to see what kind of dog I’d be. As usual, it said I was definitely a Labrador retriever—affable, smart, outdoorsy, a little clumsy, and likes to eat. Yep, that sounds about right. But it isn’t the whole truth. I suspect I have a […]

Learning From My Minimalist Dog About Stuff

Honey the golden retriever with flowers.

It happens every time. Someone comes to the door. Honey pads over to her basket of toys and looks for just the right offering. She returns to the door to greet the visitor, now holding the precious toy in her mouth. Honey always finds just the right item. She doesn’t worry that she doesn’t have […]

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