Pictures That Raise More Questions Than They Answer

Honey the golden retriever sits on Pam's lap on a swing.

Some pictures have me scratching my head. I think they do the same for my dog Honey.

A Beautiful View?

Honey the golden retriever makes a beautiful view.

When someone named this street, do you think they were talking about the lovely waterfront site? Or were they just waiting for Honey to come along?

Breed-Specific Consternation – A Reminiscence

We forgive you too.

This morning, the Husband gives Pam a break with a guest post. I had seen them many times before, walking through the streets of our former neighborhood in upstate New York: a man and his wife, older, but not “elderly,” always dressed nicely but never ostentatiously, in serene and stately stride with their two large […]

Purebred Dog Rejects

Sammy is a Chinese crested hairless dog.

“She’s a reject,” the man explained. “Most breeders don’t want them. But we just love her.” “I understand. Our dog is a reject too.” In fact, most purebred dogs are rejects. And I feel very lucky to have ours.

What If You Can’t Stop Crying After Your Dog Dies?

Shadow the mixed breed dog has a pretty smile.

This post has affiliate links. Learn more here or at the bottom of this page. Every morning I check which search phrases brought people to Something Wagging. Some are hilarious. But one that comes up a lot makes me feel helpless. It’s “my dog died and I can’t stop crying.” Doesn’t that just break your […]

She Swims!

Honey the golden retriever runs at the water's edge.

Last week, an intrepid photography caught grainy footage of what could only be a monster swimming in the Assawoman bay. But now we discover that was no monster. That was Honey!

Dog Skills To Take On The Boat

Honey the golden retriever rolls in the sand.

My dog Honey is not just a pretty face. She has some mad skills. Can we convince her to adapt them for the boat?

Don’t Say This To Someone Whose Dog Is Dying

Don't Say this to someone whose dog is dying.

Your friend is suffering. She tells you about how her pet is declining and may not be around much longer. I know you feel sympathy. You want to help. To reassure. But don’t say this to someone whose dog is dying…

Buying A Boat For The Dog?

Honey the golden retriever at Cambridge lighthouse.

I know everyone is waiting to hear that we’ve bought a boat. But it’s complicated. And one of the biggest complications weighs 50 pounds and is covered in fur.

Teaching A Golden Retriever To Swim

Honey the golden retriever in the water with Mike.

What kind of crazy person would move onto a boat with a golden retriever who doesn’t swim? You’ve been asking yourself that, right? Hopefully yesterday’s brief, shaky video evidence has reassured you that we’re not planning to drown Honey.

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