Top 12 Ways To Ruin Your Dog’s Recall

Honey the golden retriever comes when she's called.

I’ve had dogs with the best of recalls. And dogs with the worst of recalls. But even my roaming adventure dogs would have done better if I hadn’t done all kinds of stupid things to ruin their recall. How to Ruin Your Dog’s Recall Go ahead. Try these things. And see if it doesn’t totally […]

Walking Barefoot in the Snow – A Dog World Problem

Golden retriever in snow with human foot prints.

(This post has a soundtrack.) You’ve heard of first world problems. But your true suffering comes from Dog World Problems. Let’s take a closer look.           Your Turn: Would you walk in the snow barefoot for your dog?  

Don’t Fool Your Dog

Honey the golden retriever sleeps with her stuffed lamb.

Yuck. It’s April Fool’s Day. I hate it. Visiting online news sites with a cynical eye. Waiting for the “gotcha” in every conversation. Seems like a good day to avoid human contact. I’m glad Honey’s trainer gave me a reason not to join the April Fool’s “fun.” He told me: “Don’t fool your dog.” It’s […]

Are You Ready to Get a Dog?

Are you ready to get a dog?

You’ll find quizzes to tell you if you should get married, if you should have a child, and whether to dump your significant other. You’ll even find quizzes to help you decide really important stuff like if you’re ready to get a dog. But they’re so boring. Most dog quizzes ask if you understand how […]

Happy 4th Blogiversary!

Honey the golden retriever from a puppy to mature dog.

Is it an important event? Then chances are I missed it. I forget my anniversary. I plan to teach classes on my husband’s birthday. And I have to check my file cabinet to know when Honey came home with us. I’ve done it again. Something Wagging This Way Comes published its first post on March […]

Learning From Dogs Not To Think

Honey the Golden Retriever Fetching in the Snow

Humans are cursed. We have these amazing, complex brains. And we can’t rely on them to tell us the truth. Dogs, on the other paw, while very intelligent, rely more on their senses than we do. And they are rarely led astray. Maybe the most important thing we can learn from dogs is how not […]

Labs are American; Goldens are Canadian

Honey is a golden retriever puppy on the beach.

Great family dog. Intelligent. Trainable. Friendly. Am I talking about the Labrador retriever or golden retriever? Who could tell? Many people think of labs and goldens as interchangeable. I did. But then I figured out the subtle differences: labs are American; goldens are Canadian. Americans and Canadians Abroad In the 1980s, Americans were advised that […]

Eating Out With Your Reactive Dog (without losing your mind)

Honey the golden retriever on the beach at Cape May.

Okay, so my dog Honey is Little Miss Perfect. I can take her to parades, malls, and even social media conferences without fear of being embarrassed or threatened with doggy jail. Most of all, I can take her out to eat on a pet-friendly patio. But I haven’t always had confident and well socialized dogs. […]

If Dogs Had Jobs…

Honey the Golden Retriever at the Cape May Lewes Ferry Terminal

I hate those movies where they dress dogs in lab coats and pretend they’re doing a human job. Those film people know nothing about dogs. Because if dogs had jobs, everything would change. Dogs Doing Human Jobs Here are a few jobs that would look very different with canines doing them. Advertising Executive - Every page […]

No Opposable Thumbs – Dog World Problem

Honey the golden retriever tries golf.

You’ve heard of first world problems. But your true suffering comes from Dog World Problems.   Best City for Pet Travelers Gasp! Cape May, New Jersey is behind New Smyrna Beach, Florida in the voting for Best City for Pet Travelers over at Go Pet Friendly. I guess my warnings from yesterday didn’t convince you to vote […]

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