Does My Dog Need A Psychiatrist?

Honey the golden retriever on a tire.

My dog Honey has acted differently lately. She’s doing things she’s never done before. And I’m worried. Do you think my dog needs a psychiatrist?

9 Reasons Everyone Should Sail With A Dog

Honey and Pam on beach

During the long wait to buy our new sailboat, I’ve had plenty of time to say to myself, “MY DOG. AM I CRAZY TO WANT TO LIVE ON A SMALL BOAT WITH A BIG DOG?” Yes, yes I am crazy. But I’ve also thought of a few reasons everyone should sail with a dog.

Dishonest Dog? Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever with canoe.

I swear looking at this picture, you’d think Honey paddled herself to this deserted spot.

Why Do We Forgive Dogs Before Humans?

Honey the golden retriever stands on a bench.

Loud music make us insane. But we’ll tolerate some barking. A driver splashing us when they drive through a puddle gets the finger. But we just grab the fabric spray when a dog with muddy paws gives us a “hug.” We give dogs breaks because they don’t have malice. But most people don’t either. So why do […]

Do You Need To Walk Your Dog Every Day? Take The Quiz.

Honey the golden retriever walks on a leash.

Our life is in chaos. But our dog Honey always gets walked. Does she need a walk every day? And what will happen when we’re living on a boat? And do you need to walk your dog every day?

Why We Camp

Honey the golden retriever wades in the marsh.

Do you want to hear a secret about campers? We’re not so different from non-campers. But there are a few big differences that will tell you why we camp.

A Little Luxury?

Honey the golden retriever lies in a tent with a fan.

Okay, it’s not very nice of me. But when I go camping I get snarky. But I’ve learned my lesson. Maybe a little luxury ain’t a bad thing.

How To Piss Off A Golden Retriever Owner

Honey the Golden Retriever Takes an Apple for Teacher.

It happened again. With a hand signal, I asked Honey to lie down on the ground quietly. The person I was talking to said the one thing guaranteed to piss off a golden retriever owner: “Aww, aren’t goldens great? My dog would never do that.” Arggghhhhhhh!

10 Reasons Every Dog Needs A Life Jacket

Golden Retriever puppy in life jacket

With leashes spilling out of your closet and tennis balls stuffed in your jacket pockets, you may think you have all the gear your dog could possibly need. But if your dog doesn’t live in the desert (and even people in the desert own swimming pools), you should get your dog a life jacket.

Do Dogs Compare Themselves To Other Dogs?

Honey the golden retriever has sand on her face.

A human who is perfectly happy can become miserable when they compare themselves to another human. Does it happen to dogs? Do they compare themselves to other dogs?

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